Clue: The Movie Trivia Live-Stream

Welcome to Trivia AD’s VIRTUAL series, bringing our exciting trivia to your responsible social distancing!

**Welcome to Trivia AD’s VIRTUAL series, bringing our exciting trivia to your responsible social distancing! Unlike our highly competitive in-person events, these Instagram LIVE streams will be purely for fun and entertainment. Everyone is on the honor system, you are your own scorekeeper, and the prize is a bit of distraction, plus an outlet for all those movies and shows you’re bingeing, until we can get back together for the real thing!**

“I’m going home to sleep with my wife.”

Who killed Mr. Boddy in the hall with the revolver? Well, you tell us! Yes, Clue: The Movie Trivia Live-Stream has finally arrived. And like “flames on the side of face, heaving, breathless(ly),” we know you won’t want to miss the event of the season… or at least 1954. Hosted by the lovely and talented Genna Matarazzo!

So shake, rattle and roll yourself over to Facebook on Sunday, October 4 starting 6:30pm ET. Just don’t drink the Cognac — just in case.

Genna will be going live at 6:30pm ET and the video will show up in the DISCUSSION TAB of the event and you will receive a notification if you RSVP “GOING” on Facebook at;

We DO NOT charge for entry to our events, so please be aware ANY LINK ASKING FOR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION is SPAM. However if you would like to thank the host, you may do so via the virtual tip jar via Venmo @TriviaADLLC

Genna attended her first Trivia, AD event in the fall of 2018, was immediately hooked, and joined the hosting team a year later. She watches too much TV and an excessive amount of movies, but claims it’s “research” since she holds a degree in film production and works as a freelance writer. Genna loves musicals, is a huge Disney fan, a proud Ravenclaw, an MCU supernerd, and a member of house Stark (according to a Buzzfeed quiz). She loves food and sometimes wishes she was a hobbit so that she could get away with eating seven meals a day. Genna is delighted to be hosting Trivia, AD events virtually and sharing her love of movies, TV, and trivia with so many others.

“Frankly, Scarlett, I don’t give a damn.