Make Short Films using camera enabled Smart Phone (BYOD)

  • Right time to Be a Short Film Maker. 

  • Direct and Shoot your own concept short film. No Excuses. 

  • Learn Basics. Shoot the film. Produce Video. Release Movie online. 

  • Smart Phones ain’t Smart. Get’em to do Smart Work. Make Films.

  • Mobile Smart Phone is Required to make Short Film. (Bring Your Own Device – BYOD)

During this classroom & practical movie making session, we introduce you to …

  1. Basics of film making.

  2. What’s required to make a film ?

  3. How to Plan and Create different Shots ?

  4. How to Shoot Film in Shots / Locations / Repeats ?

  5. How to select and bind best shots in sequence ?

  6. What is Noise Cancellation, Voice Over and Dubbing ?

  7. Shooting the Video from different angles.

  8. Making your first short film ready for delivery.

  9. Using online social media to promote yourself as film-maker.