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Mon - 29 June, 2020 - 12:15 pm


Mon - 31 August, 2020 - 09:15 pm

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Sync Con

We are providing music creators access to a FREE COURSE! “How to Stay Productive and Profitable in this Era” + Music Licensing 101

Get immediate access to the robust online music licensing training platform for music creators to succeed in licensing their music to film/tv

Sync Community is a robust online music licensing community (by Sync Con), exclusively for music creators (music producers, songwriters, publishers, composers, etc) to succeed in licensing their music into tv, film, ads, video games, by providing continuous monthly training videos and audios with Music Supervisors, Placement Opportunities to pitch your music too, Sync Guides connecting you directly to music supervisors, mentorship & guidance, networking opportunities, newsletter & industry updates, placement opportunities, and more.

Here’s how to access your free course:

1. Visit

2. Click on the Free Course tab

3. Click on Access Course

4. Sign in.

That’s it.

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Why Should You Join?

Music Creators

I am a music creator looking to jumpstart my music licensing career, understanding how to licensing and create music to film and tv, generate consistent revenue, and secure longevity as a musician and creative.


Skills are built when knowledge, experience, and context intersect. You need a platform that provides consistent training and leadership from various film and tv industry experts, which plays an important role to achieving success.


Every creative needs an accountability group with aligned visions. The sync community has built a network of industry experts and music creators with different experience levels all on one platform.

Placement Opportunities

 This is a great add-on. With the nature and caliber of Sync Con, we have a great relationship with tons of TOP Music supervisors in this industry. They sometimes come to us for music searches. The Sync Community provides those opportunities to you. You get to submit your music for several placement opportunities for consideration, as provided to us, directly from the decision maker. 

Below are some of the training videos you gain access too instantly :

Music for Advertising & Film: Music selection process & negotiation, Tips for aspiring music supervisors with, Music supervisor for film & advertising.

Music for Video Games – The Process

Music Placement Tips

Is Your Music TV Pilot Ready?

and many more.

The Sync Community is the online community by Sync Con, a music in film and tv conference. To learn more about Sync Con, visit