Open Storytelling (FREE feedback)

Bring in your story idea. Basic understanding of story structure and formatting is preferred for quick readings.

What to expect at this Open Table Read event ?
Storytelling helps novice writers openly share their writing, overcome drawbacks by openly taking Free Feedback from fellow writers and later fixing the flaws in the story on their own schedule. No Pressure. ((unlike most Production Houses – where Client Commitments, Timelines/Deadlines, Market Pressure – are just a handful among tens of other issues to finish early, and then the writer is scrutinized for writing quality issues.

This group initiated by Filmy Arts Global, invites fresh and experienced writers for a friendly discussion. It’s a Golden Opportunity for everyone ready to learn and focus on developing stories worth sharing.

Please Note :
** We only allow 1 story for a 1 time table read. No Revisions. No Retakes.
This helps keep different stories in rotation among all writers, and our meetings exciting enough, appreciating everyone’s effort and helps build a good understanding among peer writers.
** Please bring in 5-7 printed extra copies of your Story, that will be shared among group members during the reading event.

When is the Event ?
This event happens on multiple dates.
For Specific Date: Select Date suitable for you.
Once Registered for the event, refer Ticket for details.
Time is : usually 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM. (refer Ticket for details)

Where ? Venue ?
** use Map location / address at the Event page.
** Free Open Parking is available at the venue.
** Make sure to Check-in at the venue once you reach.

What to Bring ?

* Bring Your Own Drinks (BYOD) if you prefer. Coffee is available. NO Alcohol please.

* Bring Your Story with 5-7 extra copies to be read.

* Bring Your Notebook – to take notes during discussion.

* Bring Your Pen / Pencil / highlighter – for marking notes.

* Bring a Friendly and Open Attitude to take feedback positively.

* Bring a friend along with you. It’s Open Read.

About Event Host:

Harpreet Singh Arora

Professional Actor and Fellow Writer (SWA).