Visual Arts for Movies and Special FX

The purpose of this FREE Visual Arts class is to help kids develop awesome social skills during this time of social distancing.

In this introductory class, students will get a general understanding of the process behind the scenes of a film set.

We will:

• take a dive into the departments on set;

• learn about various crew positions associated with those departments;

• cover writers, directors, producers, lighting, camera, art, vfx and other departments with a peek behind the scenes on set.;

• showcase all camera types with demo of key camera components;

• lens dissection and the science behind the optics;

• introduction to depth of field and scene composition;

• discuss variable frame-rates (time-lapse, stop-motion, hi-speed/slow-motion);

• introduction of basic visual effects concepts

• understanding of blue screen / green screen fundamentals;

• vfx methodologies and best practices;

• promote non-vanity style of filmmaking;

• inspire and encourage students to create their own productions;

The class will be online, using Google Meet.

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