video: Actor Harpreet Singh in Funding Corps.
in-action as military training coach (retd.)

As a professional ScreenWriter, Harpreet Singh has written screenplay for Short Films, Feature, Web-series, Fiction, Documentary, Travel Series. 

As a professional Cinema Actor, Harpreet Singh has performed on Short-Films, Web-Series, TV/Digital ADs in multiple genre: Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Crime, Thriller. 

With a passion for Creative Writing, Harpreet is affiliated with SWA (ScreenWriters Association of India), is a fast learner and spends time reading scripts and observing web-series/movies/tv-drama to improve his wriitng skills/craft, in order to produce hookable Industry-Standard, Outlined & 3-ACT structured Screenplays, ready to transform into motion-picture with memorable experience for global audiences. 

Script Projects under Development:

  • Writing GIGS on Network ISA. 
  • Short Films (multiple genre).
  • Documentary Feature on war history of Indian Martyrs.

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video: (Actor) Harpreet Singh in Award winning Short Film
“Lovvu Story” ( with English sub-titles )

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