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Film Makers Learn by Making Films !

Big or Small !
Short or Feature !
Drama or Suspense !
Documentary or Fiction !

Doing things practically opens up your mind.

TV / Film Casting for Fresher and Experienced Actors from diverse backgrounds. Everyone is Welcome !
Handful of genuine Short Film Festivals accepting Short Films in year 2019. Courtesy of visiting our website. Thank You !
Screenplay / Script for selection by industry professionals. Everyone is Welcome
to submit their “Registered” Creative work.
Our talented team with right set of script analyzing skills, provide you feedback on Screenplays. You must try this to know the craft.

Film Making is an Art. Learn it !

LIVE recording & Auditions

How Ready is your Equipment to Shoot ?

Video Recording & Monitoring

Camera Handling Tips & Techniques

Film/Movie is a Director’s medium !

meaning – that the Director must have the knowledge & capability to understand the Written Script or Screenplay (not a Story) , and skills to convert the writing into motion picture – that everyone is able to watch on screen, learn from it, get moved by the narrated story.

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